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Ever since Tenna can remember she has expressed herself through music. From a very young age, Tenna has been passionate about singing. She began writing poems that then, later, turned into songs. Tenna grew up listening to the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, and The Beatles thanks to her father who is an avid guitar player, singer and songwriter. This inspired Tenna and her father to write classic rock/folk-inspired songs. Tenna released her first EP back in 2019, titled 'Silver Storm', which is a pop spin on these songs.


Now in 2022, Tenna has shifted direction. Back in 2021, Tenna started writing songs with her partner, Semyon, who is a music producer and songwriter. Together, they have been focusing on creating music that is exciting and emotional, and most importantly, makes them feel something. Fun pop songs, R&B-inspired tracks, and piano ballads are on the way from Tenna in 2022.

"There’s a striking reminiscence between Tenna’s vocals and the husky vocal presences of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga, yet it’s clear that Tenna never created 'Silver Storm' to assimilate iconic artists. The powerful energy which has been poured into this hit is likely to stay with you for long after the captivating radio-ready hit has faded out."

Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory Magazine

"Powerful and inspiring, Tenna weaves through her emotive lyricism effortlessly. Her angelic voice provides a sense of home for the listener. A safe haven for the emotionally broken, 'Silver Storm' exudes reassurance and a sense of serenity. 'Silver Storm' gives off a feeling of invincibility and strength."

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