Tenna is a Canadian-born singer-songwriter from Mississauga, Ontario. Over the last several years she has performed at charity and school events at the university she attended in London, Ontario. Tenna also competed in a talent competition called Hidden Talent Canada making it through to the semi-finals. Shortly after graduating university, Tenna began performing at open mic events in Mississauga, where she was raised. It wasn’t until 2017 that Tenna really began to find herself as an artist and dive deeper into her songwriting.


Tenna grew up listening to her father sing and play Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and The Beatles’ songs on guitar, which influenced her poetic songwriting. Tenna’s music can have a dark tone at times, while at the same time, being light in its imagery. Tenna writes about emotionally abusive relationships, love, and social issues. On her EP – “Silver Storm”, Tenna addresses the struggles of sexual assault victims in the song “Why Didn’t You?” Tenna’s music pushes boundaries and is a deeper, darker pop music. With hints of electronic music and a touch of pop rock, Tenna’s EP, titled “Silver Storm”, is influenced by a variety of different genres. 


Tenna’s first single, “Silver Storm”, was released June 28th along with her Music video on July 12th that has garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube. Her EP that was release on November 1st has over 70,000 streams on Spotify. Currently, Tenna is working on a complete album and is back to writing alongside her acoustic guitar and her father’s unique guitar melodies.